What is DSS? "Media player" for DOS. No, probably even more. It is able not only playback sound files, but also record it... Internal fileselector allow easily move within available information storage devices and start playback in one touch.

Supported file typesSupported sound devices
File typePlaybackRecord
Microsoft Wave [PCM]YesYes
CD-Audio (Direct reading)YesNo
Microsoft Wave [CCITT a-law]YesYes
Microsoft Wave [CCITT mu-law]YesYes
Microsoft Wave [DVI/IMA ADPCM]YesYes
Microsoft Wave [MS ADPCM]YesYes
Creative Voice File [PCM]YesNo
MPEG Audio [Layer-I,II,III]YesNot yet
Device namePlaybackRecord
Sound Blaster seriesYesYes
Windows Sound SystemYesYes
ESS AudioDrive seriesYesYes
Aztech SoundGalaxy seriesYesYes
OPTi seriesYesYes
Gravis Ultrasound Max/PnPYesYes
Super High Quality Quiet deviceYesYes
Internal PC SpeakerYesNo
Covox on LPT:YesNo

DSS is also support converting from any playable file format to any recordable.

You can download it here: DSS Program frequently updated. Check news section.

Package contain only Russian readme.txt & register.txt files. I don't have much time to translate it. But You can get help with "DSS /?" of by pressing F1.

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